Inspection service
  • Inspection includes looking for signs of water damage from leaks, humidity, moisture in walls or floors.
  • Taking humidity readings in multiple areas.
  • Taking moisture readings on walls and floors in multiple places in basement or suspected areas.
  • Taking samples of suspected areas for contamination levels if any with a swab and meter that tells contamination level of bacteria or mold or combinations of both is present. If high moisture may look behind trim on floor to see if there is any visible mold trapped there since air cannot dry it out it is a good place to see if there is any sign of mold.
  • Look at the outside to see what the grade is next to the house, need to have ground sloped away from house. Landscape edging can keep water next to house allowing water to get close to house foundation and can cause foundation block to have higher moisture content. High moisture content can sustain mold growth.
  • Look to see if there are gutters on the house and if there are downspouts and they are going far enough away from the house.
  • If there was any roof damage would look up in the attic to see if there is any sign of water damage and where it is and if there is look on the floor below for signs of damage.
  • Look at windows to see how much mold is on windows if any.
  • Look at the furnace if there is one and check filter to see if it is dirty. See if you are using Hepa filter or fiberglass. Pleated filters are better for catching dust particles and fiberglass catches bigger stuff.
  • Check to see if furnace is running in the “ON” position, fan on “ON” gives you better air circulation, more even temperature in the rooms, also air is great for moving moisture (hence the phrase “Air Drying”).
  • Most importantly I will ask you if any room makes you feel worse in it than in any other or do you feel better when you are away. Your input is very important in diagnosing your situation. Inspection service is $250
Testing for mold

Just coming out and testing to see if you have contamination and to what extent consists of :

Looking for suspected areas and possible cause of contamination and taking up to 5 samples to give a contamination level. After the original 5 they are $5 ea. and I always ask you if you want me to take more tests before I take any more. And if I am not satisfied with what I took a sample of I will do another sample free just to be sure. I have to say this because I have had customers have me test every wall every 4’ and costs me more in material then I charge for the testing service so if I test 6 or 7 I will not charge you extra, only if I do a lot more than 5 that comes with the service. And service is $200

  • Air Quality tests: Are taken on each floor and one outside to have something to compare it to. What you have inside and not outside tell’s you, you may have a problem. An air test will show you what you are breathing but it is only a snap shot of what is going on at that particular time of day.
  • Swab tests: Shows what kind of mold or bacteria and the quantity or how much there is there and what type it is. Swabs take 3 days to incubate in a petri dish, so it takes about 5 working days to get results back. There is a faster way but it goes up in price by how fast you want to know the results, the lab just has to do more different testing methods that speed it up. Can go from $100.00 up to $400 a test. Depending on how fast you want them. And the swab tells you what has been going on for a period of time vs just at that moment as an air test does.

    To get a better understanding it is better to have both done instead of just one. I will do what needs to be done to get the best answer, but only what you want me too, and if I think you need more I will explain to you why and if you don’t want it I won’t do any more. Tests with the Inspection and testing service are $50 ea normal turn around time. Normal testing suggests one on each floor up to 2000 sq. ft. and one outside to compare it to.

  • Lift tests: Are faster turnaround times to get results but not qualitative, just quantitative, meaning it tells you how much of each mold but can’t tell some molds apart and petri dishes in the swab tests do that. Faster way to get results, just not as specific as the swab tests. Swab and petri are $100 each done alone, or $50-75 each if done with the Inspection or mold testing service.
  • Mold Clean up: After it is determined there is mold or suspected mold if no tests are done mold area is contained, sealed off from rest of the house an exhaust blower is installed in window to create a negative and blow all contamination outside and mold is removed by cutting out sheet rock if necessary or cleaning off with biocide.
  • Mold Remediation: More involved and if it is over 50 sq ft of mold it has to be remediated and proper remediation procedures have to be used. And we follow S500 and S520 and ASHRAI guidelines and they cannot be compromised for safety of all property owner and workers. Containment for work area as small as possible around mold, normally by rooms, but may include the whole floor or bigger, closing off unaffected areas so as to not contaminate them with an access door to go in and out of. Put in exhaust blower or negative air machine and an air scrubber to clean the air in containment to keep contaminate contained to area. Put filter in a window to draw air from outside to make up for exhausted air but keeping it a negative in containment so not exhausting contamination into the rest of the house. Closing off return air vents on duct work or putting filters over returns taping securely to vent or wall with painters tape. Residents will be advised that they should not go into containment unless they have to and then they are to wear protective mask at least then exit. Have Dehumidifier/drier running to take out the humidity. And then remove moldy material and when all removed spray biocide on and scrub, and then run blowers to assist in drying. Then when dry apply Inhibitor paint to prevent mold from growing on painted surfaces. Spray the entire inside of containment with air cleaning biocide and wipe down all containment walls and do clearance testing.